Vellion LLC is an affordable high- quality, high-fashion clothing and apparel company with a very fashionable vision for the future. As such, we typically allow our threads to make the statements, but we figured this one is worth the talk. We are a black owned and operated company whose vision of the future blurs all lines of fashion and jumps outside of every box to afford you, our family, the opportunity to define yourself. We strive daily to exercise our belief in the power of DIVERSITY, INCLUSIVITY, and EQUALITY! After all, we are all cut from different cloths. 


Too often we are defined by the barriers that separate us rather than by the beauty that makes us who we are. Abiding by the rules of what we can’t wear has put a tear in our universal fabrics. Here at Vellion LLC, we say, “YOU CAN WEAR!” It is our mission to ensure a space where you are able to express every shade, every aspect, every stitch, of yourself without the presence of discrimination. We are redesigning the future and allowing you to “BE INSATIABLY YOU!”


With our vision and your help, we look forward to building a closely knit future of people who also believe in the power of DIVERSITY, INCLUSIVITY, and EQUALITY. We’re working together to make this world a place for us all to live fiercely and freely. Let others know you cloth with us, and get your Velli on with Vellion!

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