Project Elevate: Spring/Summer 2023

Project Elevate signifies the transformation and transition into a new age of Vellion, the stepping stone to its future legacy. In recent history, Vellion went through a hiatus. What Project Elevate represents in Vellion’s recent history is the ability to overcome the challenges any business faces as a start-up. 

The Project Elevate capsule signifies a new beginning, which has allowed us to detail that in the colors we have chosen, which depict this period of growth. 

Models: Neter Kelley (@majustykelley) and Asif (@callmealaddin)


In our Spring-Summer 2023 collection known as Project Elevate, these colors are noted as such: Vellion’s pink and black logo print represents the sheer love we have for not only our brand but the community that has supported Vellion’s growth from its groundbreaking days.

Model: Alysha Carson (@goldenoreoe)


Vellion’s neon green and white logo print represents a rebirth, a new beginning of what is to come and where we hope to see the future of Vellion and its community to rise.

Model: Travis (@tra.v1s)


Vellion’s black and white logo print represents life and death, the adaptation and transition out of the old ways of business and fashion. The significance lies in our recent transformation and our aim to build upon the new, by offering a shared space for our community to live and breathe style, fashion, and elevated experiences.

Model: Travis (@tra.v1s)


Vellion’s black and gold logo print represents our sheer will to rise above all odds. It signifies our belief in the formidable strength of those who came together to begin building a foundation for a new generation. It is about finding the strength to keep going despite adversity and the triumphant way in which to execute with elegance and sophistication.

Models: Gabriela (@wildhair__) and Anaya Symone (@anayasymone_)


Project Elevate is VELLION’s way of unleashing your inner beast and making way for the renewed evolution within.

Model: Alysha Carson (@goldenoreoe)

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