Wats Poppin and Vellion unite for the “Keep Me Up” music video as a collaborative sponsorship; creating a timeless piece of art featuring hip hop and smart casual streetwear.

Pictured: Manny Wave(Artist), Wingy(Artist), Terrence(Producer), Marvy(Producer)

Wats Poppin LLC is a production and branding company whose goal is to evolve artists' sounds and refine their branding and image. Wats Poppin also works with other consumer products to assist with marketing and branding in the clothing and catering industries. The company’s mission is achieved via their moto “Branding future you.”  In discussing the partnership, artist Manny Wave says “I chose Vellion to partner up with because of the quality of the brand. From the merch to the box that delivers you the merch, i[t]s excellent. I am all about quality and that’s what we needed for the music video. Something elegant like Vellion. I hope people see and get to feel the quality. It’s truly amazing and we have wavemob merch coming out as well.”


Founder of Wats Poppin, Terrence Brown, believes in the mission of connecting like minded individuals through entertainment, fashion, and business to create a world of spectacular difference. He has been nicknamed “The DJ Khalid of New York.” 


Interviewer: “Why did you choose to partner with Vellion as a sponsor for the music video?”

Terrence: “The presentation and quality of the product. My good friend Manny Wave had suggested a brand I wasn’t familiar with called Vellion and once I saw the product I fell in love. With Vellion being an upcoming luxury brand and us being up and coming artists I felt it would be a great collaboration. We both were able to add value to each other and it was a no brainer!”

Interviewer: “What about the brand spoke volumes to you?”

Terrence: “The presentation brought the most value to me! When I asked to see samples I was flooded with different color waves and designs and I was able to see a fellow entrepreneur who took himself seriously. I knew then that we were going to create something powerful.”

Interviewer: “What do you hope people will take away from our partnership?”

Terrence: “I hope people are able to see two brands that take themselves seriously, combine into one for a product. With a surplus of products for the models and artists to choose from, it gave us a feeling of a high level of professionalism. I just want people to know the lifestyle of the Vellion brand and the professionalism of Wats Poppin LLC!”


Vellion teams up with Wats Poppin to fuse Fashion and HipHop in the limelight of “Keep Me Up” music Video with our Founder and CEO Victor C Samuel (center), while wearing the Vellion Blanco shirt, chain, and sunglasses. Models are showcasing Vellion women’s shorts and crop-tops.

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