Spring Trend Alert: Spring/Summer 2020

We are sharing the hottest trends for spring – chime in and let us know what YOU think will be hot this year.

From our Spring-Summer 2020 mini-collection, we unveiled the “Kiss Tee”, a depiction of the centerfold of life, designed by our Founder and CEO Victor C. Samuel. At Vellion, we believe in incorporating the human experience into our style and fashion. We believe in comfort and the unity of unique experiences. Vellion “Kiss Tee” is a balance of the inner truth of one’s desire to feel connected. Through fashion and style we find ourselves sharing our image for what is to be believed as expression of oneself, living through the experience of one's style. It is conquering the fear of feeling left alone and finding the courage to express through character and personality, which often comes from our style choices. Vellion’s “Kiss Tee” gives that freedom of expression without feeling bound to one conformity. Rather the freedom to express through art and fashion.

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